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We♥You is a product design house and business incubator based in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to create products and experiences that make people feel good about themselves and the world. In addition to our own work, we offer design, usability, and product consulting to help bring hit products to market.

About Us

Our values define the arena in which we operate. They are the crucible for our work.

♥  Play  ♥  Cultivate Gratitude  ♥  Live With Integrity  ♥  Seek Fulfillment  ♥  Be Authentic
♥  Speak Rigorously  ♥  Harness Simplicity  ♥  Work to Live  ♥  Find Flow  ♥  Spread Love
♥  Work Smart  ♥  Stay a Student ♥  Read to Lead  ♥  Set Clear Goals  ♥  Make a Plan
♥  Track Progress  ♥  Create  ♥  Ship  ♥  Systematize  ♥  Curate Aggressively

Within these values we work on products that both inspire us
and help create the world we want to live in. 

Entrepreneurship Academy

Through our Entrepreneurship Academy program, we help ambitious implementers and project managers become effective world-changing entrepreneurs. We do this by mentoring carefully vetted high-potential individuals through the process of creating a real business using pre-validated product ideas.

If you are enthusiastic, coachable, intelligent and persistent, have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and are able to commit 15 hours per week over 4 months, this opportunity is for you.

If you are accepted: You will be guided through the process of creating a business over 16 weeks. The program includes weekly mentorship and guidance, and an ownership stake in the business you create.

By the end of the program you will have ownership in a business that is generating revenue, and the skills to grow your new business into a profit-generating machine that makes the world a better place.

Details of the program: if you are accepted (very few are) the We♡You Fundamentals program costs $950. In return you will receive 16 weeks of personalized hands on mentorship from our CEO and an ownership stake in the business you help create.  

To join the program you must commit to a minimum time investment of 15 hours per week over the 4 month program (you are free and encouraged to spend more time if you like). The program consists of weekly meetings with your instructor, and weekly homework. If you fail to complete the homework without good reason you will be asked to leave the program.

Before being accepted into the program, you will be given an assessment, presented with one or more pre-vetted business ideas that fit your profile, and work with your mentor to choose an idea that feels exciting. Once the idea is solidified work will begin with weekly 60 minutes meetings with your mentor and ongoing homework assignments. The meetings can be either virtual or in person. However if your business concept involves a physical product, your meetings must be in person for the first two months. If you choose a purely online or software business you must be available to meet in person in Boulder once per month during the first and last month of the program.

The skills you learn through this mentorship program will benefit you for a lifetime, allowing you to execute on your own entrepreneurial ideas, or help others make their ideas real. Once you learn the process of turning ideas into reality, you’ll have the skills you need to execute on any opportunity no matter how big or how small. How will you use your new entrepreneurial skills? what difference will you make?

If you are interested please apply using the form on the right.

Our Work


The world's snuggliest and most functional anti-anxiety festival blanket. Bring your Mammoth everywhere.


Bring even more magic, beauty and whimsy to Christmas.


LifeMap™ is a simple yet powerful online tool to massively accelerate results in whatever areas of life are important to you.

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What We Do

Product Development

We lead product development from conception to launch


We help organizations design new products and improve existing products


We help organizations design and execute successful product launches and campaigns


We teach new entrepreneurs the process of business creation

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